Application Rates for Runway De-icer

A general guide to application amounts

Liquid Clearway® products are used both for anti-icing and de-icing applications. The table below gives a guide to application rates. However, it is important that consideration is given to factors such as surface material, surface structure, application method, and the prevailing weather conditions when using these products. The table, therefore, represents a guide to applications and not recommended dosages. Kemira Oyj will, upon request, offer advice for specific applications.

In the case of thick layers of ice (>3mm), it is recommended to use liquid Clearway® in combination with a solid Clearway® product.

When de-icing, the surface should be mechanically treated before applying liquid Clearway®. This will reduce the amount of liquid used, thereby minimizing the environmental impact as well as costs.

In the event of freezing rain, a preventive treatment to runways, ramps and taxiways is highly recommended. When applied before the onset of light snow or ice, liquid Clearway® prevents accumulations of frozen precipitation. Since liquid Clearway® is both an anti-icing agent as well asa de-icer, timely application is essential to the continuous usability of operative surfaces. Successful preventive applications can be aided by the careful monitoring of meteorological conditions.

Liquid Clearway® can be used with all known existing spraying equipment.