Ferric Sulfate


Ferric Sulfate

Clearwater supplies Kemira Ferric Sulfates (KEMIRA PIX) are effective primary coagulants based on trivalent iron (Fe3+), and are excellent for drinking water production, wastewater treatment, phosphorus removal applications, struvite control as well as sludge conditioning. The products are also efficient in preventing odor and corrosion by controlling the formation of hydrogen sulfide. These are supplied nationwide in bulk deliveries .

Dry Ferric Sulfate is a high purity granulated ferric sulfate product. The iron content is 19-21% as ferric iron. The product is soluble in water to a concentration of approx. 10% Fe-solution (approx. 36% Fe2(SO4)3). It is an effective primary coagulant that performs superbly in both drinking water and wastewater treatment applications over a wide pH-range.

Key features & benefits

  • Chloride free
  • Available in liquid and granulated form