Kemira AIV

Superior Solutions for Silage and Grain preservation

AIV® – Nobel Prize-winning ensiling technology
Dr. A.I. Virtanen, a famous Finnish chemist, was awarded with the Nobel
Prize in 1945 for his fodder preservation method – AIV. Dr Virtanen, as head
of the laboratory of The Finnish dairy company Valio Ltd., concentrated on
biochemistry and started his ensiling experiments in the 1920’s aiming to
improve milk quality during the long winter period. Now his initials AIV are
known by every Finnish farmer and farmers outside of Finland as standing
for high quality and effective ensiling products.


Today Kemira Oyj, a major Finnish chemical company and leading producer of
organic acids, is further developing AIV® products, their production and commercialization
worldwide. Besides Kemira AIV® products based on formic acid, Kemira
has other product families in order to offer complete solutions for farm-made
feed preservation: Kemira Propcorn® for grain and hay conservation and Kemira
Stabilizer for the preservation of total mixed rations (TMRs) and liquid feeds at
farms. Kemira’s ensiling solutions are known with several trade names e.g.
Kemira AIV and Kemira KemiSile.
Kemira’s modern, excellent quality ensiling and feed preservation solutions ensure
safe and high quality feed for livestock as well as cost effective production
resulting in good economical outcome from the farm. All the products are widely
tested, officially approved and used with excellent results over many years.
“It is the high quality of silage that matters most”
Anu and Esa Immonen, Nilsiä, Finland
At the farm of Anu and Esa Immonen in Nilsiä, Finland the high quality silage is the
backbone for feeding the cattle. In order to ensure proper ensiling process and to
minimize possible quality problems, the Immonen family takes care of the whole
ensiling work chain themselves. In addition, they use Kemira AIV products as these
are proven to be reliable and effective under all weather conditions. AIV 2 Plus is

an effecient base product, and AIV Ässä is applied for the forage with higher dry
matter content as well as for the surface treatment in silos. At the Immonen farm
the best quality silage throughout the years has been made with AIV products. The
Immonen farm’s uncompromised care for the high quality production has also been
acknowledged: it has been awarded in the national silage quality competition.








Kemira AIV® – Secret of tasty silage and cost effective production

From the Kemira AIV/KemiSile product range you can find the best solution for ensiling both at dairy and beef farms. AIV products act effectively during all forage
harvesting phases, from field to storage silos. The high concentration of formic acid in AIV products ensures the right fermentation process even under challenging
harvesting conditions and with different forage crops.

Kemira AIV® 2 Plus – The favorite silage preservative , The most popular silage additive and the backbone of AIV ensiling.

• AIV 2 Plus fits well for direct cut and slightly wilted silage (dry matter
below 30%), as well as for direct fed grass and grain crimping.
• Due to high concentration of formic acid the product is also reliable
under unfavorable harvesting conditions.
• AIV 2 Plus is used in organic farming.
Kemira AIV® Ässä – Reliable in variable conditions
• AIV Ässä with its broad spectrum fits all ensiling processes,
both for direct cut and wilted silage.
• The high amount of formic acid together with propionic acid and other
ingredients provide security for silage making under various, unstable
weather conditions.
• It controls growth of yeast and mold, and effectively prevents the heating
of silage and crimped grain after opening of the silo.
• AIV Ässä can be used in grain crimping, liquid feeding and in organic farming.
Kemira AIV® Nova – Tasty silage with sodium
• AIV Nova is a special product for wilted silage (dry matter 30 – 45%)
in silos and bales.
• In addition to formic acid and propionic acid it contains special ingredients,
such as sodium.
• The silage with AIV Nova is well preserved and extremely palatable.
• By feeding with AIV Nova silage a milking cow can get even half of the
daily sodium needed while normal silage bring only ca. 15% of the need.
• AIV Nova is non-corrosive with mild odor.
AIV® crimped grain – High-value feed for all livestock
Kemira’s AIV and KemiSile products protect ensiled high moisture grain against
harmful mold and bacterial growth, thus preventing microbial spoilage of silage and
grain. Ensiling of high moisture grain with AIV products ensures optimum fermentation
with maximum control of aerobic stability in crimped, ensiled grains. This
results in feed with high nutritional value for all animals and reduced feeding costs.
Crimping is a cost-effective way to produce high-quality feed for ruminants, pigs
and poultry. Production costs of crimped grain are much lower than those of dried
grain. Crimping with AIV additives ensures high nutrient value of grains, which can
be used directly from the storage for feeding without further processing.
Product examples for crimping
Kemira AIV® 2000 Plus – Special crimping additive
• AIV 2000 Plus is a base product for the anaerobic preservation of crimped
high moisture grain (moisture over 30%).
• Ensiling of crimped grain with AIV 2000 Plus reduces pH of the grain quickly
which effectively prevents the growth of harmful microbes, yeasts and
molds as well heating of ensiled material. All this leads to minimized losses
during storage and feeding.
• AIV 2000 Plus is non-corrosive with a mild odor.
Kemira Propcorn® Nova – For low moisture grain crimping
• Propcorn Nova is designed for crimping of grain with moisture content
of 25% or lower.
• It is effective against harmful molds, bacteria and yeast and aerobic spoilage.
• Propcorn Nova is non-corrosive with a mild odor.


Effective whole grain and hay preservation with Kemira Propcorn®

Kemira’s Propcorn products prevent spoilage of feed raw materials e.g. whole
grain, hay and food by-products. They inhibit growth of molds and yeast during
aerobic storage. Furthermore, Propcorn products bring extra energy for livestock.
Product examples
Kemira Propcorn® – Whole grain preservation
• Propcorn is a highly concentrated product for the preservation of whole
grain and other feed raw materials (cereals and food by-products).
• It effectively prevents the growth of molds and yeast in moist grain
with moisture content 15 – 25%.
• Propcorn also gives added energy to the feed.
Kemira Propcorn® Hay – Tasty high-quality hay
• Special product for baled hay preservation for horses, dairy cows and
beef animals.
• Propcorn Hay prevents the growth of molds and spoilage during storage
of hay and other feed raw materials.
• It is easy to handle and use, non-corrosive product with mild odor.