Deicer Solutions


During winter, ice and snow pose a safety risk in traffic. Our formate and acetate based products are used at airports to ensure safe take-offs and landings by keeping runways clear of ice and snow. On roads, de-icing improves road safety as well as traffic flow.We are proud to offer both liquid and solid products, which meet increasingly stringent environmental demands. The Clearway┬« branded runway de-icers allow improved safety and optimal use of airport runways and taxiways, even in harsh winter conditions. Clearway products offer effective and environmentally-friendly alternatives to conventional road de-icers. In winter, tunnels, bridges and motorway ramps are especially difficult to keep free of ice and snow. Clearway products are excellent solutions to meet these challenging conditions.We also have the full range of deicer salts, such as the SNOWCLEAR range that we supply in one to thirty tonne lots, from our three warehouse locations across Ireland

In the Northern hemisphere, the maintenance of runways is a demanding task for airports. A safe take off and landing must be guaranteed even in case of black ice and snowfall so de-icing must be efficient, fast, and unfailing. The Clearway product family has been in Clearwater’s product portfolio since 2005. The acetate and formate based chemicals are suitable everywhere where there is a need for the prevention and melting of ice and snow. “Clearway products are currently in use at airports in Europe, Russia (CIS area), and Japan,.Clearwater Technology Ltd are ideally placed to provide the customer with cost saving solution for all their waste water treatment issues. We have the experience and expertise to give you cost effective advice to exceed all our customers expectations.We also have a range of sodium formate deicers that will not damage cement of steel, and are safe to our marine life,will work down to -30 , have a long hold over time and are ideal for bridges, carparks, platforms etc. This year we have increased our stocks of the SNOWCLEAR deicer salt in the 8kg and 25 kg bags, with one tonne drops available at keen prices. ORDER NOW 086 8517547 We welcome any queries or questions that you may have regarding your chemical requirements .